How to Plan Your Custom Home

Do you long for your own custom dream home, but fear the process is too complicated, expensive, or time-consuming to undertake? As it turns out, planning a custom home and getting it built is simple, straightforward, and surprisingly fast. Here’s how to get your custom home in Elko, Nevada.

The Initial Consultation

The process begins with a consultation. You and your consultant will talk about what kind of house you have in mind, what your schedule for completing the home is, and what budget you need to stay within. The best builders use consultants who are trained and experienced in helping families decide what type of home will best suit their lifestyle and budget.

Selecting the Perfect Lot

Once the size and scope of your custom home is decided, it’s time to find the perfect place to build it. You can choose from the selection of home lots your builder likely already owns, or they can usually help you find another lot to suit your commute, schools, and other needs. In addition to some impressive Elko real estate, the local builder can also help you find a lot in the Spring Creek area.

Designing the Home

When you have a general idea of the type of home you want built and where it is going to go, it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of what your home will look like, both inside and outside. You have tons of options, including your choice of tile or custom hardwood flooring, many colors and styles of granite for the kitchen and bathroom countertops, selections of exterior including stone or stucco, extra options like oversized garages, and tons of selections when it comes to doors, crown molding, paint schemes, ceiling designs, and other options.

Reputable builders employ teams of design consultants, civil engineers, residential designers, LEED energy efficiency accredited professionals, and other specialties to help design a home that is beautiful, well-planned, efficient, and enjoyable to live in.

The Building Process

One of the most exciting times of the process is when you actually see your custom home under construction. A good builder knows how important it is for home buyers to feel like a part of this process, and to have ample opportunities to oversee the building so that all of their careful planning is executed as they wish. The builder should allow you to walk through the building to check on progress, ask questions, and give your input on how it’s progressing.